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Fashions from India | Cloths of Indian Men's and Woman's

India has been known to have wonderful dresses and costumes. Indian dressing styles are marked by many variations, both regional and religious. One is likely to witness a plethora of colors, texture and styles in Indian clothing. To a foreigner, the powerful attraction is the colorful attire of the people in India

Journey from the North India



The Phiranis the traditional dress popularly worn by the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The gown is made of wool and is of a loose fit leaving air gaps and spaces to give the individual the warmth required in the cold climate of the region. The people carry earthen pots and hot water bags in the phiransto keep them warm in the winters while traveling long distances in the valley. The phiransare made for both the men and the women of the state of Kashmir.


The Pheranand `Poots` consist of two gowns, one on top of the other, falling to the feet in the case of a Hindu, worn up to the knees by a Muslim. Muslims wear the sleeves wide and open; Hindus wear them narrow with turned up ends.



The men in Rajasthan wear special headgears called the pagri or the turban depending upon the climatic condition of the particular region. The tradition of wearing bandhni clothes in Rajasthan, north India has been going on for time immemorial. Tie-dye saris, dupattas and turban are very common in Rajasthan, north India.
Rajasthani women wear ghagra choli's, saris, lehangas and dupattas. The women who belong to rich families wear special chappals that are decorated with sequins and gold threads. During your cultural tours to Rajasthan, North India you will discover that the women of Rajasthan, North India love to wear ornaments, especially made of


Women wear the sari (a length of fabric wrapped around the waist, with one end thrown over the right shoulder) and choli (tight-fitting, cropped blouse).

Gujarati men wear the dhoti (loincloth consisting of a long piece of white cotton wrapped around the waist and then drawn between the legs and tucked into the waist), accompanied by a shirt and coat closed with strings.

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