Monday, 13 October 2014

Healthy Lifestyle Tips By India's Most Famous Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev

                                                         Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Those who don’t make time for their health will sooner or later have to make time
for their ailments.

It’s hard to be happy or successful if you are, quite literally, sick and tired all the
time. Living a healthy life provides the energy to do what you want to do and
what you need to do to live a great life.

The following simple tips have been compiled to remind you of the key principles of healthy living.

1. Exercise regularly. Even a short walk and taking the stairs each day can

2. Eat a balanced diet. As with exercise, a healthy diet will help provide you
with the energy and zest you need to lead a really great life.

3. Minimise caffeine intake 

4. Avoid excessive alcohol. Although moderate amounts of alcohol have
some advantages for health and well-being, excessive alcohol
consumption is definitely not good.

Alcohol is the daughter of shaitaan(devil) 

5. Ensure you get enough sleep and rest.

6. Address the pressing issues in your life. . If you are
depressed or anxious, seek professional help. Remember, there are
effective solutions for these problems.

And last but not least Remember your Maker and creator of the world
each day say thanks to Allah.

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