Thursday, 16 October 2014

Indian Home remedies for every skincare problem for Women and Mens

Now a day many companies are coming out with Skin Problem solving products that claim to solve all your beauty woes. While some of few products may work, they can be harmful for your skin. In this post, I give you home remedies for common skin problems like pimples, acne scars, dark spots, tanning and many more.

Indian Remedies for pimples:

Cinnamon and Honey:

Make Honey and cinnamon powder paste add little cinnamon powder with in honey and don’t use water ,use this on your pimple in night and next day wash it with warm clean water.

Lemon juice:

Lemons contain vitamin C lemon juice an excellent remedy for pimples. Use Lemon juice on your pimple before sleep on bad.

Orange peels:

Orange peels works on pimples. With few orange peels, grind them and add rosewater to it to make a paste. Now, use this paste on the face and wash it after about 15 mints.

Neem leaves:

Neem plant has anti-bacterial properties. Make paste of neem leaves and Boil paste  in some water. Now, wash your face with this water frequently.

Mix a little turmeric powder with a little coconut oil and apply directly onto the pimples at night and wash your face with warm water next morning.

Next post will be on Home remedies to beat acne scars

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