Friday, 14 November 2014



1.  Friend
Do not be alone when you're sad. Sure, people always want their own sad and do not want to be disturbed. But to restore the joy and zeal, you should always be with other people such as friends or family. Not to be advised but to remove negative energy from the body. That instead you spend energy to weep and wail alone would be great if you walk with friends entertain themselves.

2. Read the book.
Reading books, magazines or websites on the internet motivations indirectly sometimes help us resolve the problem. A good book will provoke the imagination and make your own cool and forget about the time of your grief. Remember heartbreak had no medicine other than time, so by spending time in a positive way will make little by little your grief will be deleted.

3. Do not Courtship used to
When we're sad sometimes easy to fall in love with someone else. Hold yourself, do not bolt your problem to someone else. Trapped in a cycle of love does not make your life more calm. It would be nice if you for a moment of introspection, in memory of the former from the positive side so that later on when dating someone else, you will not repeat the same mistakes.

4. Firmly
If it is very difficult to forget the former, being tegaslah yourself. Remove all links with him from facebook, twitter, phone number, photos and everything that might remind you to him. You'll get through it.

5. Sports
When exercising the body will release toxic substances produced when the stress. So exercise helps the body relax and your mood will be more cool. Exercise will make you more confident and positive minded living.

6. Writing

Removing the steam through writing or vent to a friend is one of the body's release of negative energy. Once the steam released, usually a more relaxed body, calm the mind and memory to be ex does not mean anything anymore. As you write you will think that your ex-girlfriend that was not the best for you, that you are sad because of disappointment when you genuinely love him, you realize that there are others who are better for you.

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