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Suits loved by every man whether he is short or tall. What happen if a short guy wore a double-breasted custom made suit? He will look shorter or fatty. Come let’s reveal the truth.

Many people claim that wearing the double-breasted jackets or sport coat for the short men is not appropriate. These is so much conflicting on the web regarding this issues. According to Brock, banning a double-breasted jacket for shorter men is not the solution, if their fit is proper then it will definitely suits otherwise it will look you bad and ugly. But any suit that doesn’t fit you well, will definitely going to look-bad if it`s a single-breasted suit.

The shorter guy pays more attention to suit-jacket length. The shorter-men should avoid the 3 button, high-buttoning, and single breasted jacket.
According to some “style gurus” short men can go with a 4 by 2 button configuration on a double-breasted jacket.  It will improve your personality and elongate the overall experience.

 Short men can also rock with Double-breasted suits, but they have to follow few guidelines: s:

·       Your suit has to fit well perfectly.
·       Keep the jacket  short or cropped
·       Go with four buttons (not six buttons) configuration

 The suit which you will wear always fit well, it should not be ill-flattered, and otherwise it will make you look bad or ugly. It will affect your overall personality. The tip for shorter men is never to wear non-matching pants and jackets. Shorter men can look taller by wearing the monochromatic or uniform color schemes. Which means stick to one family color. 

The point is double-breasted suit is not that versatile as single-breasted suit?  Therefore it is preferred for shorter men to wear the same color suit which enhance their personality. 

If you have got lapels with one navy and one-grey single breasted suit, at a minimum then feel free to show your collection by adding a double-breasted suit to mix.

Pinstripes are the best way to look taller in a suit.
Pinstripes suit for the short men is the best way to look taller. The pinstripe suit can be a good option for short men, but if they wore it in a right way. The short guy can wear any pattern which they like, it`s just about the scale of pattern. Remember to keep the scale of pattern in proportion with the body.

If you are already small then wearing large patterns make you look smaller, it is preferred to maintain the scale of pattern.

One last tip for shorter men to wear the 4 by 2 button configuration. Which will make them look taller and will create a longer unbroken space in the torso and elongate your personality.

I hope these point will clear out the perception of shorter men in wearing a double-breasted suit. There is no problem in wearing the double-breasted suit, but wear it in a right way.

So! Shorter guys go and buy a DB suit which fits you well, and change your overall personality.

Thanks for reading.

Please share your thoughts. Share your experience, if you wore a double breasted Mens Tailored suit.

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