Wednesday, 18 May 2016

5 Tips for Planning a Wedding (My Experience)

As a professional wedding planner, I must say planning a wedding is not an easy task.  It takes a lot of time and efforts to plan a wonderful and beautiful wedding. Some people spend their entire year in deciding the place for wedding. Still they not able to find a good place. It is advisable to hire a wedding planner. To make your work easy.

Below I am listing out few points by which you can plan a wedding easily and stress-free.

Set a budget:

The first thing to keep in mind before start planning for a wedding is the budget. Sit with your family members and your finance, and note down all the important things which you required for wedding. Starting for cake to venue, gifts to reception and from the wedding theme to the list of guests. Once you finalize your budget, which is the most important thing in wedding. You can move to other important thing i.e. Guest list.

List of guests:

We always want to invite every family member or friend in wedding. But when you are having a limited budget, then it cannot be possible. If you are having more guest, then it will definitely go to hurt your budget. I would recommend you to invite less members in wedding, and for the remaining persons throw a reception.

Ask for help instead of wedding gifts:

We all have that family member and friend who has a hidden talent of music. This is the right time for them to show their talent. Ask them to perform in your wedding as a gift. This one is very common that one of our good friend is crazy for photography, and willing to take pictures of the wedding for you as a gift. Never shy in asking help for your friends and family members.

 Time to show creativity:

Lacking budget is the big issue, then I would advise you to make invitation cards by yourself. Take the help of Google, buy some printed and handmade sheets, put a beautiful message on them and send it your friends and family. Or there are many online sites like which can help you in making invitation cards of cheap rates.

In spite of all these you can go with the simplest and innovative method is invitation through mails. As our technology has grown up so much, that instead of going or visiting someone place then generally put a mail.
Choosing these options will not affect your budget. And it is the simplest and easiest method which one can use for the invitation.

Choose an off-peak time:

If you are planning for a destination wedding, then the best time to visit that place during off-season when that place is not crowded. During off-season that place would not be crowded, possibility of getting hotels and venues at a cheaper rate, and easily availability of catering service.

Hence, these are some tips to organize a successful plan for wedding. 

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