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Bride Makeup Guide for Different Faces

Guest post by: P5Creations a wedding planner in Jaipur

Your makeup at the wedding would be just as important as your dress and to ensure that the makeup that you are choosing to get done for yourself should suit your face shape. 

It is really common for you to get inspired by a celebrity’s makeup or liking the makeup that one of your friends got for her wedding, but make sure that you are just taking some inspiration and not copying it. The results might not look as good on you because your face shape might not be similar to that of the person of your stimulation.

And if you are not sure about your face type and the kind of makeup that would suit you, let us help you to figure it out and the correct makeup that would suit it.

1.     Face Shape: Heart

Traits: Narrow chin and wider forehead

Ideal Makeup: Your makeup should be done in such a manner that it draws the focus away from your prominent cheekbones and chin. Go for soft, sheer and feminine tones and add some pop of color on the cheeks and mouth to downplay your razor sharp and strong cheekbones. In fact, it is recommended for you to play with only the blushes in matte texture.

When it comes to eye makeup, avoid harsh liners like the ones in liquid form and go for gel or pencil instead. And for your lips, pick up soft colors like sheer reds and pinks.

2.    Face Shape: Round

Traits: Prominent cheeks with lower face and forehead having same width
Ideal Makeup: Go for smoky eyes with an overall bronzy look in order to define your face features more prominently. Begin with blending bronzer under your cheekbones while sweeping the highlighter on the top of the cheekbones as that would add shape to your face and make contouring easier while making your cheekbones look more pronounced.

For your eyes, go for the smoky makeup and use strong liquid liners. And to downplay the naturally round shape of your face, go for the angular shaped eyebrows.

3.    Face Shape: Square

Traits: Angular hairline and jawbone

Ideal Makeup: Go for the make that would look ethereal, feminine and soft on your skin while having a shimmery texture so that the angular shape your face would soften a bit. Avoid anything applying anything severe or harsh on your face such as strong lip colors or eye liner. In fact, for your cheeks also use a rosy-tones cream blusher.

Finish your look by applying double coat of mascara on your eye lashes to add a girly and flirty touch as it will complement the rest of your soft makeup.

4.    Face Shape: Oval

Trails: Lower face and forehead with same width and longer sides

Ideal Makeup: Your makeup should be such that it cut downs the length of your face. So, go for bronzy or rosy shade of blush applied horizontally across your cheek. Apply it in an upswept moment beginning from your cheek apples, going towards the temples. Also, make sure to outline your lips with a liner before applying lipstick or gloss in order to define your chin area.

To add more to your overall look and make your features look prominent, blend a darker or medium shade in your creases after applying a sheer shade of eyeshadow.

Final Words of Advice…

Do not follow others blindly when it comes to choosing the look that you want for your wedding. It is your big day and you just cannot afford to experiment so make the right decisions by understanding what will suit you and look your absolutely best!

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