Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tips for Healthy Skin By India's Most Famous Yoga Guru Ram Dev Baba

I attend a yoga conference and write some tips from the lecture of baba ram dev.

  •  Exfoliating once a week is a must to remove dead skin.

  • Avoid processed foods, junk food and street food until these do nothing good for your skin.

  • Try some fruits and green vegetables, which are storage of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

  • - Moisturising is must if you want healthy skin.

  • -Try sun crèmes No matter how cloudy you think the day is, using a sunscreen is must.

How to get healthy skin?

  1. Minimal makeup : Minimize your makeup try only light makeup
  2.  Face cleansing : clean your face with clean water daily
  3.  Slather on sunscreen : use sunscreen
  4.  Exfoliating face
  5.  Moisturize
  6.  Eat proper food to get healthy skin
  7. Sun protection
  8. Avoid smoking and alcohol
  9. Clean your skin with moisturiser:
  10. Sleep: take complete sleep for health skin
  11. Deep breathing
  12. Eating health low calestrol food
  13. Nutritious, fiber rich diet:
  14. Leave Stress Behind:
  15. Physical Activity

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